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Not again… Saturday, 27 Mar 10

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My nausea just returned in full force and my mouth is feeling funny from sucking on all these hard candies (which is supposed to help the radiation leave faster and my sense of taste to come back!)


2 Responses to “Not again…”

  1. laura Says:

    if you suck on stuff like candy too much, it can kinda wear away at the surface of the inside of your mouth and tongue. had it happen to me when i was sick one time and pretty much lived with cough drops in my mouth. it took days before my tongue wasn’t sore and i could taste things right again…i learned my lesson!

    • yeah it kinds is a catch 22 b/c i need to suck on candy to get the radiation out but it makes my mouth feel funny too. i try to spread it out throughout the day though, so im not doing it constantly. 🙂

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