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My last post from the fellowship house Saturday, 3 Apr 10

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Josh should be here in about 2 hours.  I can’t wait! Princess is at the Easter Extravaganza with Aunt Hannah and Miss E, so she should be pretty tired when she gets home, which will mean an early bedtime.  That way she should be sound asleep by the time we get home. As an added precaution for the girls and for Josh against any possibility of absorbing any radioactive iodine left in my body, their tummies now have a palm sized orange stain from where they were rubbed with beta dine. This is the yucky orangish brown stuff they use to prep patients for surgery.  It is used as a disinfectant.  The iodine that is in it will be absorbed by Josh, Princess and Bug’s thyroids.  Essentially what we are doing is filling their thyroids to the brim with good iodine so that if they happen to absorb any of my iodine (which is a low possibility at this point anyway) their thyroids will be too full to take it and it will simply be flushed out of their bodies.  The radiologist recommended this as a safe way to be extra careful with the thyroids of my wonderful little family. Princess still doesn’t know that I am coming home tonight.  I am praying that tonight is a night that she sleeps good ALL night long – no potty breaks, no bad dreams, no interruptions.  If she does wake up and find out I am there, I don’t think we will ever get her back to sleep!  I wonder myself if I will be able to sleep with the excitement of seeing my Princesses.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning or my first trip to Disney World!  I am just so incredibly grateful for the family that God has given me, and for the joy in knowing I have done all I can to get healthy for them and that God has brought me through to the other side to continue to have my family to love and care for. I am also delighted beyond words that days 14 and 15, initially intended to be spent here, will actually be spent with my family.  I had originally anticipated tomorrow to be the loneliest Easter I had ever spent.  Now it will probably be the most celebratory. I just cannot imagine a better day to wake up in the arms of the ones I love than Resurrection day.  This most important day in the life of the church is now an important day in the life of our family as well.  🙂

I will continue to post, filling in more of the back story leading up to this whole treatment and telling you of my reunion with my family and any other events that occur in my process of being declared cancer free. 🙂

Your intense, fervent, and faithful prayers for me and my family for the last 13 days are not only appreciated, but seen as one of the most vital pieces in my getting through the last 2 weeks with flying colors and in my healing process as a whole.  Thank you.

1 Peter 3:12a

“For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer…”


2 Responses to “My last post from the fellowship house”

  1. laura Says:

    i thought i saw a little girl at the eggstravaganza that looked like julia! i bet it really was her then! the helicopter dropping the eggs was so cool, the kids seemed to love it!

    that’s really great that you’ve gotten to get back home to your family. i can’t even imagine how exciting that would be!!!

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