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My Cancer Journey

Day 13 Saturday, 3 Apr 10

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I love you Day 13 because you will carry me home!

Last night I fell asleep pretty quick.  I was SO tired.  5:30am must have decided to let me go because I did not see it this morning. (I did however briefly see 5am, which was not very thrilling.)  I then fell back asleep until <gasp!> 9am??? What happened to my alarm clock (the guy with the hammer and the plastic tub?!)  When I got up and about and stepped outside I heard… nothing? (well some birds and far off cars)  No yelline men?  No construction trucks? What was going on?  These guys work on Saturdays… That’s when it dawned on me… apparently they don’t work (or at least not much) the day before Easter! Another reason to celebrate today!  There are 3 cars parked at the construction office across the street and when I looked down the road I saw a few guys down at the other end of the construction site piddling around… but I got to sleep in!  Go GOD!!!

I went downstairs to wash the rest of my clothes before I go home today and there was a basket of apples!  I was SO excited to eat one.  I have missed having fresh produce. I brought it up and washed it eagerly took my first bite… only to be reminded again that my taste buds are broken.  Oh well.  I ate it anyway.  I figure it is still just as good for me even if I can’t taste it. 🙂

Going to go check on that laundry and do some more packing! Less than 12 hours to go!!!  Oh yeah!!!


One Response to “Day 13”

  1. Jamie Moore Says:

    YAY!!! I know everyone will be excited to have you home!

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