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What can go wrong… Friday, 2 Apr 10

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will go wrong.

I didn’t get much sleep last night.  I laid in bed for close to 2 hours last night and finally fell asleep sometime around 1:30am.  5:30am must really like me because I think I have seen it every day for a week.  After our morning hello I fell back asleep restlessly until my 7:30am wake-up call from the construction man with the hammer and the plastic tub.

Josh called me a little before 8:30am on the hunt for where there might be some extra diapers in the house.  There aren’t any.  They also are out of frozen breast milk (the rest is in Jen’s freezer) and cat food.  The cat’s are acting crazy, Bug is crying, oh and did I mention Josh couldn’t sleep last night either.

It’s at this point, when I am exhausted and ready to go home and Josh is also exhausted and at his breaking point after almost 2 weeks of caring for the girls without me (although my Mom has done an AMAZING job of caring for the girls, the house, and my hubby) that I find myself in tears.  It is amazing all that I have gone through when I really stop to think about it, and then with less than 36 hours left to go, on the phone with Josh talking about diapers (or lack there of) is when I fall apart.

Fortunately when I called my Mom she was already on her way to my house. She was going to arrive early to start laundry before Josh left for work.  Instead she went to Kroger to get diapers and cat food and to Jen’s to get breast milk.  Not sure if she will get to that laundry this morning after all.  But my prayer is that she will be able to bring some peace and stability to my home this morning (she sounded rested and in good spirits) and that Josh will be able to somehow salvage the rest of his morning and get on track before heading over to work.

I am going to get ready and head over to the hospital for my scan and try to enjoy some sunshine today.

Day 12, please ease up.  We need a less “exciting” day to end out our time apart!


One Response to “What can go wrong…”

  1. Retro Says:

    OH no! Did he get milk for the baby? I have some more frozen if you want it! Just let me know!

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