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Last 24 hours Friday, 2 Apr 10

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This day has flown by!  I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with my lovely friend, Amber.  Then I walked down to the strip and wandered around.  I got an orange float which sounded extravagant on this really hot afternoon.  Then I was reminded that my taste buds are not fully back to their normal state.  The float was rather disappointing in flavor, but it still cooled me down some.

Tonight I am planning to walk to the church around the corner and go to their “service of shadows” for Good Friday.

My Mom got to my house this morning with all of the missing items in tow. Josh was able to get to work and my Mom seems to have had a great day with the girls.  When I called earlier she had just finished painting Princess’ nails and putting little jewels on them. 🙂  Tonight someone brought food for my family that I didn’t even know was bringing it.

I had my full body scan today.  I get the results Mon or Tues next week. My hands were still really hot – more so than yesterday.  They advised me that wearing rubber gloves would make my hands sweat and get the radiation out faster.  I wish I had known or thought of that a week ago, lol! The good thing is that the radiation is not being transmitted to the things I touch.

I wish that I had a way to get to Wal-mart to do some last minute Easter shopping.  I don’t really want to have to stop anywhere on the way home with Josh tomorrow night.  It would be nice if there was a Wal-mart within walking distance.  I am kind of surprised there isn’t.  It seems like it would thrive with UT here.  There isn’t a Wal-mart that close to here at all.  A dollar store would be even better.  Oh well.  I am going home tomorrow and that’s what really matters! 🙂

Off to get ready for my walk to the church…


One Response to “Last 24 hours”

  1. Kristy Chudley Says:

    Hey Kaycie –

    Glad you are getting to go home soon. I have been enjoying reading your blog. I wish you weren’t having to go through all this; however, I am sure God is going to use all of this in an amazing way.

    As far as Easter shopping for the girls… there still a Walgreen’s on the strip. Usually they have some cute Easter thing.


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