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Goodnight Day 12… Friday, 2 Apr 10

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It’s almost finished!

I decided not to go to the church service tonight after all.   As I was heating up my dinner I realized how incredibly exhausted I am, and it just seemed like going would be way too much for me tonight.  Plus it might not have been over until after dark, and I don’t know how comfortable I would be (and I’m sure Josh would not be comfortable at all!) with my walking back alone in the dark.

I did some more packing tonight.  I still can’t believe I am going home tomorrow!  I cannot wait to be in my own house, sleep in my own bed, and cuddle up with my husband and children.  I am sure that Sunday morning will be one of the best in our house in a long time!

I have had several people comment that they want to hear about the reunion – especially Princess’ reaction when she wakes up Sunday morning and comes in and finds me there!  I will be sure to write about it, but it may be a couple days after I get home as I will be busy loving on my family. 🙂

Today I went to a short Good Friday service in the hospital chapel.  It was so interesting to be there, in that setting, with these complete strangers talking about the suffering of Jesus.  I know that each person there has a story of suffering, of pain, and probably of loss that they could have shared.  We took communion and I have to say, it is the first time I have done so out of a medicine cup!  As I was holding the cup of juice and looking at the measurements on the cup, it struck me as how appropriate it was that the blood of Jesus was given to us in such a container.  I was about to drink 10 cc’s of grape juice.  If you are given a transfusion of blood (usually necessary to save your life) it is measured in the same type of measurements (although in a much larger quantity.)  If you are given medicine, something to help ease your pain, heal you, or make you whole, it is in these measurements and in this cup.  How appropriate then that we should drink the life-giving, sacrificial blood of Jesus, made to ease our pain, heal us and make us whole out of a medicine cup!  I am sure the chapel in the hospital uses these out of convenience, but it seems more appropriate than any container I have taken communion from!  What an unexpected message it brought to me today.

I pray that you all have a chance to reflect on what happened on this day so many years ago.  The King of the Jews was brutally beaten and crucified on a cross.  For those of us who are Christians, this is an important time for us to reflect and remember the enormity of the suffering Christ endured and the sacrifice God made.  For those who are not Christians, I pray that you too would think today about the enormity of the physical and emotional suffering Christ endured on this day and as you do, that you would come to know the weight of that sacrifice and to embrace and believe that He did it with YOU on His mind, that He did it for you because of His enormous love for you.  Today was the saddest day in the whole history of the Jewish people, initially.  As a Christian it would be if we didn’t know what happened next. But we do! We know what Sunday brings – resurrection!  I pray that you are touched this weekend by Jesus and his life, death, and resurrection.

Tomorrow will probably feel like the second longest day since I have been gone (the first day I was gone was the longest, I’m sure.)  But tomorrow, after the girls are in bed, Josh is coming to get me and I am going HOME!

Day 12, I hope you don’t keep  me awake until tomorrow like day 11 did.  I am ready to greet day 13 with open arms, but would rather it be well after sunrise when I do!


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