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Goodnight Day 10! Wednesday, 31 Mar 10

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Well, I am going to work toward bed… but figure I won’t be asleep for a while. My Mom pointed out that I am doing MUCH less during the day than I normally do (and she would know these days!) Despite my walking and trying to make my body as physically tired as my mind says I am, sleep continues to elude me. Not having a thyroid and not knowing if I can start my medicine back (because my dr. won’t call back!) are making me more tired than I would be otherwise. Gotta remember to call that doc again tomorrow. I called Fri and they say they call back within 48hrs. Someone needs to get them a new watch.
I hope and pray for sweet sleep tonight! Tomorrow brings me one day closer to the hugs & snuggles of my family! Maybe I will find some time to scrapbook!


One Response to “Goodnight Day 10!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I hope you sleep with smiles tonight… although by the time you read this you would have already slept… lol….
    Have a super day and I hope all goes well so you can see your family VERY soon…
    miss you friend… Hope to talk to you on the phone soon.. call me when your out for your walks… šŸ™‚

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