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Good night Day 9! Tuesday, 30 Mar 10

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I had a great visit with Josh today. I got what was probably one of the best hugs I have ever had and then we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Then my friend, Angie, came by to visit. She wears this little badge that measures radiation exposure and once a month they get mailed off to make sure they are not getting too much occupational exposure to radiation. So, since coming to visit me was not occupational she didn’t want to risk getting her badge to glow to much, so she had to leave it outside, which cracked me up. 🙂
I have had a bead (oops, typo – thanks DAD  – meant BAD) headache for several hours now. It starts in my shoulders and runs up through my neck and into my head… so I took some Advil and am going to call it an early night. Today flew by! I am so glad to know that when I wake up tomorrow I will be 2/3 of the way finished with this portion of the cancer-fighting process. (The time away from my family.) Tomorrow I will scrapbook! Woo-hoo!
Good night day 10!
Lord, grant me sweet, healing rest tonight and enough noise from the fan to drown out the construction workers until at least 8:30am!


3 Responses to “Good night Day 9!”

  1. Osmin (Hernan) Says:

    I wanted you to know that I have been thinking about you. I am very glad to be able to read this blog. That head ache sounds terrible. Maybe you should ask for something stronger than Advil.

    you can always call or message me if you ever need anyone to talk to. i would love to hear your voice and your last note was very enjoyable.

    Thank you for being a good friend. You always make me want to be a better person. I am very glad to have you as part of my life. Give Josh and the girls my very best.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Just know you have a lot of people praying for you!!

  3. Dad Says:

    Hey Sweetie, I was a tad behind. Obviously I knew what was/ and has been going on through you and your mother, but I finally got around to reading your entire blog instead of just FB excerpts. You do write an interesting journal.

    Now, what can I say that sounds very profound ?? “I think, therefore I am”, so if I quit thinking I guess I disappear ??? I’m so glad your sense of humor (probably like mine ….the snail goes wheee…LOL), and faith are pulling you through all this in such remarkably good spirits. By the way , whats a bead headache ?? Did mom hit you with her beads again…LOL (re-read your last post). I love you honey, you’ll always be “daddys little girl” oh….and you’re also my favorite…..but don’t tell anyone.

    Mucho Hugz & Kisses

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