Radioactive Mama

My Cancer Journey

Day 9 Tuesday, 30 Mar 10

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Day 9 started early again… the guy with the hammer was out there at 7:33. There is one thing these guys are, punctual! Haha… great for them; not so great for me. 🙂 Today has started gray and dreary, but I am hopeful for the sunshine.
I get to see my favorite (local) preggo today, which makes me very happy. I also get my scrapbook stuff – woohoo! – and a fan to hopefully drown out the construction noise a little bit.
I also found out – I get to see my hubby!!! We are not sure if he will be able to make it today. It may be tomorrow… but either way, I am stoked! The radio-tech said there is not a concern any longer for radiation being taken from me to other people (ie: from Josh home to my girls) so it is safe for him to come for a visit. He can even hug me! 🙂
Today is going to be a pretty good day. I just know it.


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