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So that’s what he was doing… Monday, 29 Mar 10

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but was it really necessary at 7:30am?!

Ok, so on my way to the hospital a little while ago I walked by the construction site outside my window.  This area has previously been a big muddy lot, so I thought the building was not going to extend that far.  I was wrong.  They have now started laying the cinder block frame for the foundation of what will apparently be another part of the new building.  Upon closer inspection I discovered that what I thought was a wooden box from my 2nd floor window, through very sleepy eyes, is in fact a plastic tub/trough like thing.  And apparently this is where they are stirring the cement goo that they are using to stick the blocks together.  So, my best guess is that the guy this morning was probably knocking somewhat dried good from the sides of the tub.  Ok, now this seems a little more sensible to me (only a little) but I still have to wonder… was it necessary? And if so, was it necessary at 7:30am?!  🙂

I took a walk down to the hospital, found out the gift shop doesn’t have postcard stamps (which is what I need), ate some ribs that were actually pretty tasty (which leaves me to believe they were probably really good if I could have tasted them all the way), a salad that looked like it probably tasted really good, and some ice water.  What’s the point in bothering with the needless calories of soda or tea when I can’t taste it anyway? 🙂  I also visited with my wonderful friend Angie, the radiologist tech.  She told me the clothes I wore while in the hospital (I left them there) are SUPER hot (which means very radioactive.)  They are locked away somewhere and I can get them in a couple months, lol.  The hospital room of course is really hot too, but for some reason there is one spot on the floor beside the bed that was really really hot… she said it was strange.  It was on the side of the bed where I had my hospital table, so I usually did not even get out of bed on that side.  I did sit there sometimes to eat or type, so there is a possibility it was from my feet.  It’s really kind of freaky to me! I really enjoyed chatting with Angie and was so glad for the company, however brief.  Then I wandered down to the strip and into Panera Bread.  I really thought about getting a chai tea latte, which I love, but didn’t.  There were 2 reasons for this.  The first was that I didn’t know if I would really enjoy it with my half-broken taste buds.  The second was that even if I could taste it, it wouldn’t be at maximum capacity, and it was $4!  I really was not going to pay $4 for a drink that I might or might not be able to taste, and probably would only enjoy on a mediocre level if I could even taste it.  Now I am back in the apartment with cold hands from my walk, and a newly launched headache.  I did enjoying being outside and getting some fresh air though!

When I returned I had mail waiting forme – my very first piece of mail since I have been here!  It was terribly exciting.  I hope I get more soon.  I love getting mail!  Thank you Rhiannon & Jon (and Juni of course!)


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