Radioactive Mama

My Cancer Journey

Day 8 Monday, 29 Mar 10

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Day 8, like many of her predecessors, greeted me much to early this morning.  I know these construction guys have to do their job, but it IS a rather large construction site.  Must they start right outside my window at 7:30am?  This morning whatever they were doing sounded rather odd, so I looked out the window to take a look.  What I saw still perplexes me.  There was a wooden box on the ground.  At least that is what it looked like to me.  It looked like 5 pieces of plywood nailed together (no top on it.)  There was a guy standing there with a hammer, arm hung down at his side, lackadaisically swinging at the box and there were at least two other guys standing around watching him.  I would LOVE to hear this guy explain what he was doing.  Honestly, there seemed no rhyme or reason to it.  He wasn’t bent down over it swinging like he was nailing something in.  There was no pattern to his swings.  Just a couple swings here and there, a pause and they another swing or two.  Very odd.  Eventually he quit (after about 30mins I guess) and I fell back into a restless sleep.  Amazingly I was sleeping quite well when I received that rude awakening at 7:30am.  Today I am more tired than yesterday when I only got 6 hours of sleep in 20-60 minute increments and woke up at 5am!

I am hoping to get a fan from home tomorrow to block out some of this racket!  I am off to the hospital to see about getting some stamps.  My goal today is to continue the story of how this all started, so be on the lookout. 🙂


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