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Nicole & Mocha Saturday, 27 Mar 10

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Thank you, Nicole, for coming to see me!  Thank you, Wendy, for telling her about my love for coffee drink things.  My McD’s mocha drink was amazing… and the most caffeine I have had at one time in over a year (since I was pregnant or breastfeeding for the last year.)  I may be awake all night, but it was yummy.  I could actually taste it – which was awesome!

Nicole and I had a wonderful visit and I got to tell her all about my whole journey from start until today.  I think she is the first person to hear the whole story.  She genuinely wanted to know and is an awesome listener, so it was great to share with her.  She came in and said, “ok, so start at the beginning.  I know bits and pieces but I want to hear the whole thing.” Thank you, Nicole, for allowing me to share the way God has blessed me and my family through my cancer.  I realize now there are a few awesome details of God’s hand working in crazy mysterious ways that I left out, but you can read them on my blog later if I ever get them all typed out and you want to.

We also had an awesome conversation about our church, the Summit (  I feel like I have a much better understanding of the vision of the church now than I did before talking with her.  I have missed so many Sundays because of everything that has been going on, so it was good to find out more about what is happening in the life of the church. It makes me sad that I will miss the first Sunday at South Doyle tomorrow, but I will be praying with you guys and there in spirit.


2 Responses to “Nicole & Mocha”

  1. Kathy Leikauf Says:

    Hi Kaycie, I wanted to let you know I am following your journey every day, and keeping you lifted up.You are an amazing woman and I count it an honor to know you. I am so grateful for you wonderful friends that are there caring for you and your family. Love you.

    • thank you, mom #3 🙂 that means so much to me as it wasn’t but a couple years ago you made reference to how much i drove you crazy as a teenager and that has been with me ever since. it is truly a blessing to hear you say these things about me. thank you for the prayers, the love and the encouragement. i love you too. 🙂

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