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La-de-da Friday, 26 Mar 10

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So I had an okay morning so far.  The construction guys are undeterred by the sprinklings of rain we have had, but they seem to be doing slightly less noisy projects now than the screaming sound of cutting metal that they were doing at 8am.  🙂  I made a frozen spinach, mushroom, and garlic pizza that wasn’t too bad.  Still nauseous, but it seems to have lightened some.  It is cold and gray outside again today – perfect napping weather!

I watched part of a Bob Coy sermon online while I ate my lunch, and then ventured downstairs and got some tape to cover my window with the black fabric I brought.  My Mom and the kids seem to be doing better today and my wonderful hubby is working hard at putting down the new floor in the hall bath.  I told him he doesn’t have to work on this while I am gone, but I know he is going to anyway.  He wants it all to be perfect for me when I get home… which may be sooner than we had thought!  It is not for sure yet, but it looks like I may get to go home a day early and spend Easter with my family.  That would be simply fantabulous!

Now I am going to go and attempt a nap.  I found a pillow that is not covered with noisy plastic, and so that with the newly darkened window should make nap time much easier today… now about that construction…


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