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Dinner & Bob Friday, 26 Mar 10

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So I walked over to the hospital cafeteria (I know, the food was gross when I was there and then I leave and I go back for more…) to get dinner. I had an actually pretty darn good piece of catfish and some clam chowder. I am sitting here watching the rest of the Bob Coy sermon I started earlier. ( I won’t explain all of what he was talking about but he said “People in TN do the internet church. Why not here in Ft. Lauderdale? Next thing you know, you rob a bank!” It was so funny in context I almost spit my water everywhere. If you have ever heard Bob you know he’s a funny guy. It just struck me as so funny that he is talking about watching online and here I am watching online and then of all the states he picks TN to reference!

I am missing home more tonight than I probably have yet. The friend that my mom has been staying with is sick. Please pray for her quick recovery. Also, please pray that the bug doesn’t make it’s way to my house and my children and Mom and hubby. They need to stay well!

p.s. – Josh finished the bathroom floor and it looks awesome!

Sooo pretty!


2 Responses to “Dinner & Bob”

  1. Bill III Says:

    Hey that kinda looks like my dresser…..

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