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My Cancer Journey

Day 5 – No more giants! Friday, 26 Mar 10

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Good morning Day 5.  I can’t believe you are already here, but I am so glad you are.  I still feel very nauseous but am trying my best to not focus on that today and to know that all of this is worth the healing it will bring. Only 10 more days until I hug my husband, hold my babies and wrap them in a great big bear hug! 1/3 of the way there!

I started reading a new book last night.  It is called “Facing Your Giants.”  It is a great book by Max Lucado (all of his are great, so this comes as no surprise.)  The one thing I really took away from reading the first several chapters is from the story of David & Goliath.  David references Goliath only 2 times before he kills him.  He references God 9 times!  “Are you four times as likely to describe the strength of God as you are the demands of your day?”  (Lucado, p.9)  I am not always, but I want to be.  David boldly proclaims of Goliath, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the Living God?” (1 Samuel 17:26, NIV Bible.)  And then he knocks him dead right between the eyes with a slingshot and a river stone.  Talk about faith.

Today I declare, who is this cancer that it should come against the armies of the Living God?  The believers who are praying for me, the angels who are surrounding me, the saints who have gone before me and are seated in the heavens with Christ…

A friend told me recently that she had a dream and saw my cancer melt away.  Another joined in to believe this vision with her.  I too believe that this is what is happening right now to any cells that are left in my body.  I know that this nausea is just a by-product of this horrible sickness leaving my body.  It is temporary, but the glory that God will get through my being completely cancer free is eternal.  Today I want to praise Him for all that He has done and will do, and to talk about Him 4 times more often than I talk about this cancer.

“Focus on giants – you stumble. Focus on God – your giants tumble.” (Lucado, p.9)  Focus on God today and walk in victory!


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