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Goody bag Thursday, 25 Mar 10

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My awesome goody bag!

I just got the most AMAZING goody bag from my absolutely wonderful friend, Hannah.  Let me tell you about Hannah for a minute.  We met when I was pregnant with Julia. We both were in training to work at a local credit card processing company.  We were in different training classes but due to an odd series of events we met during training anyway and started visiting with one another during our lunch break.  When we got out of training we were assigned to cubicles caddy corner to each other. We began talking across the walls and have been super friends ever since. Early on in our work days together I missed work because I was sick and when I came back the next day there was a pack of Tinkerbell pencils and erasers waiting for me on my desk with a note from Hannah saying that she hoped I felt better soon.  That’s the kind of person Hannah has always been and still is.  She has this amazing way of loving others practically with no thought of herself.  She would drop everything at a moments notice to do whatever she could for me and my family if need be.  She never thinks about the added hassle or inconvenience it may be.  She just finds a way to make it work.  When I had Ember, Hannah had just given birth 3 weeks before to her own handsome bundle of joy, Soren.  2 weeks later when my tumor was discovered, Hannah was among the first to say, “anything you need, I’m here.”  And I knew she meant it.

Today Hannah brought me a bag of items I had left at home.  She tried yesterday to drop them off here but because of the construction, one-way roads, and the ridiculous amount of traffic with the 3pm hospital shift change she did not make it here by 4pm when the office personal go home. So, in all her wonderful-ness, she came out again today in the chilly rain with an 8 year old and 5 month old.  Not only did she bring me the things I had forgotten, but this fantabulous goody bag.  I don’t know how she knew everything would be so perfect for me, but it is, even the bag it was all in!

I love stars and pink and green are my favorite colors.  The bag has bright pink handles and is covered with stars in a variety of colors.  Some other things I love are coloring and Tinkerbell.  Inside there is a brand new 64 crayon box of Crayolas (new boxes of crayons are THE best), a Tinkerbell folder filled with fairy coloring pages, a Precious Moments Noah’s Ark coloring book (this is the theme for my girls’ bedroom), nail polish and a new (green)  nail file (yay!), Pink Peeps (my fave Easter candy for as long as I can remember), Whopper egg candy (probably my second fave) and Easter M&M’s.  There is also a variety puzzle book (I especially love logic problems) and the Time special edition book on secret societies.  I am sure I did not tell her, but I was just looking at that book at the store a couple weeks ago and was really interested in reading it!  Oh, I almost forgot, there is also an awesome pack of colored pens!  I love pens – especially really awesome colored ones.  (It’s the teacher in me.  I can’t help it!)

THANK YOU HANNAH!  It makes it much harder to feel discouraged when you know that there are people who love you and care for you like this.

Hannah is the kind of friend that is really an absolute true friend that would do anything for me at anytime no matter what the cost to herself.  There are few friends like that in this world.  I don’t think I am even that kind of friend very often, but I want to be.  I love you, Hannah Banana!


5 Responses to “Goody bag”

  1. Jamie Moore Says:

    WOW! So awesome!

  2. Hannah Says:

    Quit making me cry! I love you, too Kaycie! I’m just following the golden rule. 🙂

    • you are doing more than following the golden rule. you are being the hands and feet and heart of Jesus… something you do quite well. your family will surely rise up and call you blessed (prov. 31:28)

  3. laura Says:

    wow, that’s awesome! i love stars too…i’m itching to know where the bag came from, haha! i didn’t keep up with your blog there for a couple days while i was in the hospital and all that, so i didn’t know you were allowed to be out and around people. that’s awesome, because i’m sure being alone gets old super fast. i was surprised when jonathan came back from the cafeteria and said he saw you!

    • i remember that about you (the stars)… i had to be isolated for 2 days and then 6ft distance from people for an additional day and then limited exposure to public places for a total of 5 days. i sometimes think jonathan has no idea who i am, so im glad he told you he saw me, lol. it was nice to see people. alone did get old fast! how are you feeling? (and having a baby is an AWESOME excuse for not reading my blog 🙂 glad you are though 😉

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