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ANOTHER goody bag?! Thursday, 25 Mar 10

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So I laid down about 2pm today for a rest.  I turned the a/c on fan only for some white noise, closed the bathroom door (to block out the insanely loud running toilet) and covered my eyes with a t-shirt to block out the light.  I guess I slept pretty good because I didn’t hear my phone the 3 times I got calls or the text message that I got, or the person knocking at my door.  I woke up at 4:30.

It turns out that the person at the door was my incredible friend, Angie. She also happens to be the radiology tech who has walked with me through this whole process and she (along with Amber) have been my friend, my support, and my ally at the hospital from the first time we met in December until now.

Goody bag from Angie!

Today Angie left me a super cute bag filled with stuff I really need – dispos-o-ware.  You see, because of my radioactive saliva it is recommended that I not use dishes other people will eventually be using, and I forgot to bring disposable.  Angie brought me plates, bowls (large microwavable ones!), silverware, cups, and even some plastic storage containers.  She also brought me ibuprofren (I mentioned yesterday that I had forgotten to bring any and have been having headaches) and several bags of various kinds of sour candies. (These are to make my salivary glands… well, salivate, which gets more of the radiation out of my body faster.)

I continue to be blown away at the ways and the people that love me.  My Mom seems to have had a good day with the girls.  Josh is working on putting our  hall bathroom back together (and I know it will be  better than ever.)  I walked to Walgreens and got a half gallon of skim milk and some ridiculously over priced hagen daaz ice cream.  I am glad I had the thought to get a half gallon instead of a gallon since I had to carry it back to the apartment.  It wasn’t a real long walk, but that hill really winded me on the way up.  It was definitely easier going down.  When I got back to the apartment I felt dizzy and tired.  It made me realize that this has taken a toll on me physically more than I have realized.  Josh told me the day I left to look at this as my chance to recharge.  He said I need it because I have been through a lot.  It is easy for me to discount such statements and to think that this is all really nothing.  But today I think I am starting to realize my husband is right and I need to face what I have been through and am going through and to use this opportunity to get as healthy as I can and to recharge my batteries so that I can come home and be the best I can be for my husband and my daughters.

I just finished a dinner of vanilla almond crunch organic cereal with dried fruit and a slice of 5 cheese garlic toast.  Amazingly it tasted really good and my stomach is hanging in there more or less.  Gonna relax for a little bit and try to enjoy the quiet.

I am reminded that I am not really alone because the Lord is with me, as are the great cloud of witnesses that are praying for me and surrounding me.  (Heb. 12:1)


2 Responses to “ANOTHER goody bag?!”

  1. betsy Says:

    fruity cereal and garlic cheesy toast…i’ll have to try that combo sometime!!! or maybe i’ll just take your word for it 🙂

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