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Goodnight Day 3 Wednesday, 24 Mar 10

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As day 3 draws to a close I have managed to find a little spot of comfort.  Sitting in a green recliner watching the Hallmark channel (cheesy and sappy, I know) and messing around on the computer I have almost enjoyed a moment of solitude.  Now I will go and get ready for bed.  As I curl up in another unfamiliar bed without the love of my life by my side and without kissing my girls goodnight, this moment of comfort and solitude will pass I am sure.  But this too is only temporary and I will rest easy tonight knowing that the Lord is melting away my cancer.  Thank you Abby and Katie for knowing and believing with me.  I know there are many others of you who are doing this as well.  That is what makes it possible for me to face tomorrow without my family again and to smile in the loneliness and to sing praises to God most high in the silence.

Goodnight day 3.  Please be good to me as I slumber.  I pray that day 4 passes quickly and without nausea!


3 Responses to “Goodnight Day 3”

  1. Judy and G-Ma Says:

    Kaycie, We love you and are continuously praying for you to be restored to full health. I hope the days fly by for you. I am sending a link to your blog to Uncle Glenn, Ruthie, Donna and others in the family. They have been asking about you and want you to know that they are praying for you too.
    Love Judy (and Gma)

  2. Jamie Moore Says:

    Are you making your own meals? And if so, is the pantry stocked for you? I can’t imagine feeling like you do and actually cooking something!

    • i brought lots of easy frozen stuff and hot dogs, sandwich stuff, etc… they also have a pantry room down stairs with stuff like ramen (which is what i made lat night) and mac and cheese, cereal, oatmeal, etc… nothing i brought has seemed the least bit appetizing yet. they have hot lunches served here tues wed and thurs. i can eat it in the dining room (once i am less glowing) or they can box it and send it up, which they did today. it looked great and i was able to eat some of it without it making me feel worse. it was a ton of food too: salad, jello, black bean and corn something or other, deviled egg, bbq sandwich, smashed herb potatoes, baked beans, coleslaw, cheesy broccoli rice casserole, and angel food cake!

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