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Breaking out of here! Wednesday, 24 Mar 10

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They are unleashing me to the outside world! Look at Knoxville, radioactive Mama on the loose! SO glad it is a gorgeous day outside! Can’t wait for the walk outside to the fellowship house. I am still a little nauseous and groggy, but I am sure the sunshine will do wonders for me. I just had my first human contact in almost 48 hours – a quick hug from my awesome nurse, Caiti and another from my equally awesome friend, Amber. You have no idea how much you value human touch until you can’t have it. Next post… from the fellowship house!


2 Responses to “Breaking out of here!”

  1. abigail Says:

    I hope the sunshine does wonders for you! I dreamt about you last night. I gave you a hug and told you I was praying for you and we talked for a few moments about your cancer, then as you walked away your cancer melted away until it was gone (it was a dream – in dreams you can see cancer “melt” away). šŸ™‚ I just wanted to share that I’m praying for you, both in reality and when I’m dreaming, that God will melt away this until it’s gone.

    • Christin Says:

      Yeah!!! I thought I saw something glowing outside today (ha-ha) So you can have visitors now at the Fellowship house?? If so, i can stop in tomorrow at lunch. Do you want me to bring you anything?? Love ya!!

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