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Cheer! Tuesday, 23 Mar 10

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My wonderful friend, Amber, stuck her head in for a very quick second and brought me some much needed cheer in the form of a very beautiful yellow flower, some jelly belly jelly beans (she didn’t even know those are one of my FAVORITE candies) and some magazines! The flower is like a ray of sunshine in my room on this dreary day. Amber works in the safety department here at the hospital and has been a wonderful, amazing God-send since we met the day after my first surgery. (More on that story later.)
I have felt too ill today to explain much about my cancer and treatment, but hope to soon. I love all of you for reading this and praying for me and encouraging me on this journey.


One Response to “Cheer!”

  1. Judy and G-Ma Says:

    We love you bunches and bunches, Kaycie. We hope you feel better soon.

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