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Breakfast and other yucky things Tuesday, 23 Mar 10

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I laid awake last night from 2:45 until 6am.  Around 4am I requested an additional pillow.  At 5am I called and requested it again.  It arrived within minutes of the second call.  Maybe I am naive to thing that at 4am the floor would be rather quiet and that getting a pillow for  a patient would be a quick and easy way to try to help them.  Oh well.  I am sure the nurse I spoke to the first time forgot.  I certainly understand having a slippery mind these days.

I slept from 6-8 when the nurse knocked on the door and slid my breakfast tray in.  Really I would have much preferred to stay asleep, but I know they aren’t used to such things around here.  As anyone who has been in the hospital knows, they usually come in at regular intervals day and night to poke and prod you… checking vitals and such.  I am an oddity since they can’t do this.  I am just grateful that I get to go all night without being disturbed.

My break fast was fake scrambled eggs, limp toast, and grist the consistency of Elmer’s glue.  Does that sound appetizing?  Under normal circumstances I imagine it would be on the icky side.  Today, my stomach is strongly protesting something… whether it is the radioactive iodine, the lack of sleep, the 11 hrs I went without eating yesterday, or all of the above I do not know.  I took one look at the breakfast tray and had to look away to keep my stomach in place.  They are now sending me some Rice Krispies and a muffin.  Hopefully that will be a little easier going down.

I opened the blinds hoping for some morning sun to bring in some cheer and was promptly met with a yucky gray sky that looks as drab and dreary as it makes it feel in here.  It looks like it is just waiting to unleash buckets of cold rain on Knoxville.  According to the weather man at 4:30 this morning that is a mild possibility.  I am praying it passes quickly and mister golden sun shines down on us.  (Anyone else sing that song when they were a kid? – “Sun, sun, mister golden sun, please shine down on me.”

Here’s praying for the light of the Lord to come in and be my joy today.  I could use some right about now.


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