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Swallowing the pill… Monday, 22 Mar 10

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3:10pm… Angie (my amazing radiologist tech) comes in with bright orange signs to tape to my door… DO NOT ENTER! RADIATION! and the radioactive symbol all over them… I’d post a pic if I knew how to get it from my phone to here. 🙂

3:22 – Angie comes back in with a black lunch bag looking thing with radioactive symbols all over it.  Angie offers me gloves – large gray ones or small purple ones.  I pick the small purple ones.  We both put on gloves.  She opens the black bag, removes some packing material that looks like hard foam rubber, pulls out a silver canister, unscrews the lid, takes out a small plastic vial containing a single pill, pops off the cap and dumps it into my hand.

3:30 – I swallow down the pill.  Angie leaves and I feel strangely alone even though it has just happened.  It makes me think of the Lepers in the Bible.  What an odd feeling to know that your very presence could make someone else sick, very very sick.


3 Responses to “Swallowing the pill…”

  1. Tonisha Says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. Please stay encouraged because what does not break you will make you stronger. You and your family are in my prayers. I will continue to follow your journey…

  2. Uncle Larry Says:

    Hey Girl,
    You are a special and very important young lady! I thank God that this pill you took can give you the opportunity to be a wonderful mother and wife for many years to come.
    You may feel alone, but I’m glad you are in the arms of our Lord.
    We love you dearly and pray that the time will go fast!!!!
    I want you to know if You email us a phone number for your room, We’ll call you!!!!!!
    Love ya girl,

  3. alicia Says:

    hey mama, you know what i think they are giving you? i think that that pill is special doses of God’s love. it is so powerful that everyone has to stay away, he is using it just for his special child. remmeber…..

    i leave you with that song in your beautiful little mind. that song ALWAYS takes me home to Calvery Chapel.

    thank you Lord once again for the blessing of your child and her strength. i pray that my words are a ray of sunshine in her world of clouds. and Holy Spirit i pray that every feeling, pain, tear, and lonly feeling that comes into your childs mind is instantly filled with your loving ambrace. My God i pray that this is over before she knows it.

    thank you Jesus i know that you hear my heart and my prayer.


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