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Still hungry Monday, 22 Mar 10

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So I  could not eat for 6 hours prior to the aforementioned pill-swallowing, so I ate something small at 7am with the intention that I would have the pill at 1 and be able to eat by 2.  Haha!  That seems so funny now.  Why on earth did I think I could plan something like that?  🙂

Due to a series of crazy circumstances, I did not make it to my hospital room until about 2:45m pm, so at that point I was already going 7.75 hours without food.  The nurse promised a quick delivery of  a meal tray as soon as I was allowed (4:30.)  It is now 5:15 and still no food… called the nurses station and she said it had to be sent back because it was sent wrong.  Not sure what this means, but am assuming it means that they did not send everything disposable.  Nothing is allowed to leave my room so I have to have all paper products and disposables.  No fine china or silver here 🙂  Hope they get it right soon.  My belly is starting to grumble.


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