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My Cancer Journey

Good night day 1 Monday, 22 Mar 10

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I had a fleeting thought to bring some Advil with me, but didn’t manage to execute it.  I have a splitting headache and sinus pain, and have now been waiting about an hour to see if the nurse can get a hold of my doctor to get an order for Tylenol (apparently they don’t like to give Advil the nurse tells me 🙂

I think I am going to take a steaming hot shower for as long as I want, giving no thought to conserving water (which I always think about at home) and then call my hubby and crawl into bed early.  After only 6 hours of sleep last night, I am ready for the rest.  I hope it’s not too difficult in this hospital bed.  :/

This would be so much better if I was going to take a bubble bath in a whirlpool tub at some posh hotel with Josh here too.  I’ll just have to pretend this is a chosen vacation.  People take vacations to hospitals by choice, right?

Good night day 1!  You have been pretty good to me so far, but I am happy to put you behind me.


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