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Food? Monday, 22 Mar 10

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So at 6pm, after 11 hours without eating my tray arrived.  Of course, since I am a walking x-ray I have to meet them at the door as they slide the tray in and run.  (Oh, and it did have to be remade because they accidentally used real dishes!)  My fries were lukewarm and limp and I am sure would have tasted gross under normal circumstances.  However, I know that I ate them with the fervency of a kid let loose in a candy store.  I also had a plain burger (no bun) and chicken tenders (which I thought were not breaded, but turned out to be) and a tea that was supposed to be sweet and was not.  Oh well, a least my belly is quiet for now.

I have realized that a lot of people have no idea why I am here or what has happened in my life over the last 4 months.  Tomorrow I will try to start at the beginning and share with you this incredible journey.  I like to call it the best worst 4 months of my life.

For now I am going to take a break from the computer, turn on the tv, and attempt to enjoy the solitude.  I might be able to appreciate it for a day or 2.  We shall see.  😉

No matter what happens, my God reigns! ♥


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